Project 15: No Kid Hungry October 2012


It is easy to feel both enthusiastic and disheartened by the mission of the nonprofit, No Kid Hungry.  They aim to eliminate child hunger in the United States, an amazing and worthy goal.  The group estimates that 16 million kids currently struggle to get enough to eat ever day.  An admirable cause, but why does hunger exist in a country with so many resources?  No Kid Hungry feels that the epidemic of child hunger is a solvable situation in America.


It is also a problem that will repeat itself if we don’t attack it right now. A child in American that is impacted by hunger right now isn’t going to do as well in school. How can you focus on math when your stomach aches from hunger.  Statistically that child is also likely to get sick more often, less likely to graduate from high school and go to college.  In 20 years you could be looking at that child as an adult now not being able to feed their own children enough food. And the cycle will continue unless we work together to break it.


To break the cycle of hunger and help feed America’s hungry kids I signed up online to be a No Kid Hungry Advocate.  I interact regularly with my member of congress when the No Kid Hungry sends me advocacy emails.  In addition to providing community services, nonprofits also need to educate members of congress on issues and policies  and I am happy to help.

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