Project 34: Sanilac County Humane Society in Caro, MI February 2013

This project was one that came about after being inspired by a volunteer that I met during another project.  Isn’t it funny how things build on each other like that? In January I had the opportunity to interview Florine Anchordoguy for an article that I was writing on encore volunteers.  These are volunteers that retire only to redefine everything about the word retirement as they take on large paid or volunteer duties that differ from the career that they pursued. Florine volunteered for Lost Our Home Pet Foundation.  She has personally assisted in hundreds of adoptions by making homeless pets available for viewing at her local Petsmart.

Inspired by Florine, I volunteered at my local Petsmart and signed up to help with adoptions through the Sanilac County Humane Society.  I have a weekly cleaning shift that I will fulfill for as long as I live in the area.  I have met some real cute and fuzzy characters there.  Spending 2 hours a week with the animals as I help them stay clean and presentable has become one of the favorite parts of my weekly routine. It has also fueled a future ambition that I have. That is to open a shelter specifically for black cats.  Black cats are the hardest to adopt and have the highest euthenization rate.

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